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                Suzhou China


                History & Culture

                As one of the first group of "Cultural and Historic Cities" of China as well as a key scenic tourist city, Suzhou has a history of over 2500 years since He Lv, the King of Wu ...



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                Scenery of the Taihu Lake

                Top stories More

                Fire drill held on campus

                On Nov. 4, the Gusu District Firefighting and Rescue Brigade organized a fire drill in Suzhou Jinchang Experimental Prim...


                Global Fintech Venture Competition held in Suz...

                On Nov. 4, the 2020 Global Fintech Venture Competition Suzhou Division Finals and the Yangtze River Delta Fintech Summit...


                Maple leaves turning red

                Photo taken on Nov. 10 shows visitors enjoying spectacular fall color in the Tianping Mountain Scenic Area, where m...


                Container manufacturer sees growth in producti...

                Photo taken a few days ago shows stacks of containers in a container manufacturing company in Taicang city.In the second...